Moment of Truth – Saggittarius Full Moon Tonight

full moon crow

With tonight’s Sagittarius Full Moon comes a Moment of Truth for us. A time to face the truth or lack thereof of ourselves, of our projects, and our relationships. It coincides with an exact opposition of Venus (love, please, relationships) and Saturn (reality-principle, harsh truth) – a time when the harsh reality of our relationships is revealed, becomes a heart-felt certainty. Relationships are being tested by the harsh reality of our lives. Those that are not based on truth, or that are not in line with our own higher truth, are going to go through a hard time, may even come to an end. Those that stand the test may emerge stronger, more grounded. The simultaneous T-Square of Mars, Pluto and Uranus only adds to the harshness of the moment, breakdowns, breaking ups, but also breakthroughs are in the air tonight. Corrections to our emotional relationship patterns are called for. The typical high aspirations and emotional extravaganza of the Sagittarius Full Moon get a mystical tone through a conjunction to the fixed star Ras Alaghue, an inconjunct to Jupiter adds a philosophical tone. See the big picture. Trust in truth. Don’t be afraid of difficult steps. Whatever survives this Full Moon will survive stronger.



Posted on June 12, 2014 in Forecast

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