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The Blog, Videos and Gallery sections offer original content and thought leadership in 21st century astrology and cosmosophy. In the Konsultations section you can learn about the personal consultations offered through Alpha Leonis Astrology, using astrology as sophisticated and effective tool for furthering self-knowledge and holistic growth.

We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.

-- Carl Gustav Jung --


When you book a consultation with me I will email you and suggest a number of different dates for which we can schedule our session – usually between 2 to 10 days after your booking. Consultation sessions are held over Skype and can be recorded and delivered to you as mp3 file so you can later listen to everything in your own time. Note that extensive preparation time is factored in to the consultation price – I prepare for every session by carefully studying the charts with a variety of different techniques so that I am well equipped and ready to go at the outset of our session. Consultations can cover the following topics:

favicon Life Purpose

Definitely the starting point for your astrological journey of self-discovery! Reading your astrological chart, we are going to identify the true purpose of your current incarnation – the kind of pursuit or activity which will which will give you sense and direction and which will allow you to integrate the diverse strands of your life under an overarching purpose.

favicon Character Analysis

One of major insights on the path to self-realization is that your negative and your positive traits are just the two complementary sides of the same basic character structure. And as Heraclitus said, ‘character is destiny’. We are going to produce an astonishingly deep, detailed and accurate analysis of your character potentials, thus empowering you to transform your negative traits into positive traits and your weaknesses into strengths. The astrological character analysis is also a formidable tool to help you choose the right career or education.

favicon Phases of Life & Forecasting

Looking at astrological constellations of past, present and future, we can find out which powers of destiny shape your life at different times. We can zoom out to the macro level at which we see the broad strokes of the major phases of your life or we can zoom in to the rhythms and fluctuations that mark months, weeks and even specific days. Since future constellations are calculable I can even make accurate and powerful forecasts of the kind of energies that you can expect in the coming time.



favicon Relationship Synergy

One of the most useful and insightful applications of astrology lies in the analysis of the synergy between different people. Whether you want insight into your relationship to a (potential) lover, a family member, a friend or a professional contact – through the astrological synergy analysis I will be able to present to you the potentials of the relationship as well as major lessons and challenges for each of the persons involved.

favicon Love & Romance

Through the analysis of certain elements of your astrological chart we can identify the archetype you are unconsciously looking for in a partner as well as the kind of partners that you are likely to attract. The analysis of phase transitions and supplementary charts allows us to find times that are especially opportune for meeting certain types of partners.



favicon Health

Astrology was traditionally an integral part of the medical sciences. Using interpretations from medical astrology and holistic health we will be able identify spiritual reasons for medical conditions and find holistic remedies. Note that this use of astrology does not replace professional medical treatment and must only be understood as a spiritual supplement to medical treatment.

favicon Business & Venturing

J.P. Morgan famously said “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” But you don’t need to be a billionaire to make astrology work for you. If you are a starting venturer we can find promising fields and approaches for business in your chart. If you already have a venture we can analyse your company’s chart to find opportune times for market activity, expansion and consolidation, as well as strengthening your understanding of your company’s identity and empowering you to generate value in a holistic and sustainable manner.

favicon Spiritual & Occult

Astrology has always been one of the central pillars of the mystery traditions. If you are a spiritual practitioner we can use a variety of astrological techniques to find the most appropriate and opportune times for spiritual and occult operations such as ritual, healing, energy work or the creation of talismans.



I practice an integral approach to astrology which incorporates esoteric/spiritual, psychological and traditional schools of astrology. Thus my readings give you clear outlines of the possibilities for spiritual development, correlating psychological states and experiences, and also possible corresponding events and results in the material world. The purpose of all my readings is to empower you to take control of your destiny and make the best use of your potentials. In my astrological practice I deploy the whole gamut of fixed stars and asteroids as well as a wide range of astrological techniques, both ancient and recent.

When you book one of these readings you are asked to provide some personal details. First and foremoest of course, your birth details. I may also ask a few questions regarding your background.

The more exactly I know the time of birth the better and more accurately I can calculate cosmic diagrams. Therefore it is important to provide a birth time that is as exact as possible. In most countries exact birth times are recorded on birth certificates. If you have one your time will be highly reliable. Nonetheless you should additionally ask your parents to get their input.

You can also ask the hospital where you were born as most hospitals store records. If you only have the memory of your parents you should double-check with anyone present at your birth. If you can’t ascertain a reasonably exact time or at least a narrow time frame, we will have to do a rectification of your birth time before we can do any readings. A rectification is a complicated process in which a long series of dated events in your life are used to calculate backwards and ascertain the birth time. I do not personally offer a rectification service but I can refer you to someone who does. Just email me about it if you need this service.

All your data will be dealt with strictly confidentially and will not be shared with anyone. I will keep your data in my client’s database and will delete it without trace upon request.

I am able to provide readings in English and German. I also speak Persian, French and Spanish, although giving consultations might be a bit less smooth.

What my Clients say

  • The session was very interesting and informative and helped to expliain life events as well as shed light on different possibile trajectories. Vijak is great at interpreting and breaking everything down. I highly reccomend it!

    Amira Kheir, singer
  • His insight and recognition are inspiring, his knowledge and virtuous understanding impressive. The syntegral astrological consultancy opened many springs and enabled my personal growth. Thank you Dr. Haddadi!

    Kai Laubach, entrepreneur


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